Digital Transformation Asia | Is combining Network Coding with H-Encryption the next big bet for your IoT system?
Is combining Network Coding with H-Encryption the next big bet for your IoT system?

September 17, 2019 | by: Lance Librorania

The scale of connectivity has seen a massive expansion in the race for digital transformation — and with the adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT), connections have expanded further. Businesses are now looking for smarter ways to manage the growing amount of data that IoT brings in. Reliability, efficiency, and data privacy are some of the constant issues that concern cloud platforms handling these IoT systems.

Is the combined application of Homomorphic Encryption (HE) and Network Coding (NC) what cloud platforms need to manage this growth?

Homomorphic Encryption features end-to-end data privacy: clouds adopting HE can perform advanced operations on sensitive data without compromising their privacy. This is achieved through an encryption scheme that allows it to process information and provide an encrypted result without needing to unravel confidential data.

This method is not fairly recent, but due to its high computational costs, organizations have been reluctant to embrace the method before optimizing it or picking up systems with improved computing capabilities.

The potential strain in data exchange and communications that HE could bring can be mitigated by Network Coding, particularly Random Linear Network Coding (RLNC), a transmission model where the receiver doesn’t need the whole packet to get the whole data; reducing communication latency and improving stability. Distributed storage sytems, such as cloud and peer-to-peer environments could benefit heavily from RLNC, reducing download time and improves the performance of data processes.

Homomorphic Encryption also opens the possibility for outsourcing advanced data analytics to third parties without risking a breach in privacy.

In the race to expand and improve layers of IoT architecture and cloud services, HE and RNLC are only two among other innovations that businesses look into as they continue to embrace Industry 4.0 — is your organization prepared for the digital transformation?